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Yo. 17 years young. The name's Nicole.

It’s a mystery!


you:  tries to roast me with a lame yo mama joke

me:  looks you up on, finds out that your great grandmother was banished from her lithuianian village because no one liked her, writes a six page allegorical story that roasts your great grandmother, then reads it to your significant other to get them to despise you


sending your selfies to NASA because you’re a star

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I wish boobs did the bra thing without having to wear the bra


please & thank you. #hockey #nhl #me

This has to be one of the cutest things ever


i am so pro-selfie

you take those selfies.

you take those selfies and look cute as heck

you take those selfies and build your self confidence

because you are cute as heck and you deserve to be confident in yourself because youre an awesome person

if anyone says any differently they are a rotten cabbage who doesnt know anything

now go take more selfies so i can reblog them and talk about how gosh darn cute you are